We have experience and know-how in serving middle-market portfolio companies and delivering transaction services.RATING YOUR DEAL CYCLE

Information is your most important asset in any transaction. It has to be timely, thorough, and meet your objectives. That’s why, at each stage of the deal cycle—from planning and due diligence to exit—you need an advisory firm that’s reliable, available, and understands your business.

With nimble and industry-focused teams, we’re small enough to be on speed-dial, yet large enough to tackle your most complex tax, accounting, and business challenges. 

We don’t offer a set of standard private equity services. Instead, we take a personalized approach, working with you to identify your specific objectives and then adapting our processes to best achieve them. 


Evaluating the investment

  • Financial due diligence
  • Accounting
  • Tax
  • Operations reviews
  • Human resources
  • Benefit plan services

Making the transaction

  • Strategic mergers and acquisitions
  • Deal and tax structuring
  • Merger information
  • Business valuations
  • Opening balance sheet audits
  • Working capital adjustments
  • Purchase price disputes

Advising the portfolio company

  • Audit and tax service
  • Operations performance reviews
  • Corporate governance
  • Benefit plan services

Selling the portfolio company

  • Reverse due diligence
  • Sell-side consulting
  • IPOs
  • Tax structuring

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