Transform Operations, Embrace Technology, Leverage Data, and Manage Risk.

Our healthcare & life sciences capabilities 
We are a leading advisor to the Healthcare and Life Sciences industry, providing a wide range of Strategy, Advisory, Audit and Tax services to assist our clients grow their businesses, enhance performance, and manage risks. We offer a market-leading portfolio of methodologies, tools and services to assist our clients with: 

  • Transitioning from volume to value
  • Value-based growth strategies
  • Enhanced outcomes via advanced analytics
  • Pre- and post-deal planning and integration
  • Commercial and sales model transformation
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Realizing the value of healthcare IT and disruptive technologies
  • Optimizing global business services

At Anton & Chia, LLP, we believe that health plans, providers, pharmaceutical and medical device companies should be thinking beyond transformation. The larger issue is healthcare “convergence,” or operating in a more collaborative and integrated delivery model. The real question for forward-looking organizations is what role they plan to play in a more converged healthcare ecosystem.

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