Ever-increasing global demand for energy. Volatile markets. Calls for reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Evolving political and regulatory priorities. Emerging new technologies. Increasing cost pressures. Aging workforce. It’s clear that energy and natural resources companies are facing one of their most challenging times. For many of these organizations, a key to adapting will be finding an informed perspective that can help them position themselves for what the future may bring.

That's where Anton & Chia, LLP can help. Our Energy & Natural Resources (ENR) professionals combine real-world industry experience with an in-depth understanding of our clients, their businesses, and the issues they face. We are constantly looking for better practices and emerging technologies. This helps us provide a highly informed perspective, which can translate into high-quality service. Our ENR practice assists major organizations in the oil and gas, power and utilities, chemicals, mining, and forestry industries to respond quickly to industry trends and business issues.

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