Demand volatility and rising costs, together with ongoing pressure to improve performance in an uncertain economic environment, are leading many chemicals companies to focus aggressively on efficiency and restructuring. These trends - along with the ongoing need to manage risk - are creating multiple challenges as companies look to maintain growth; improve customer service; and adapt to changes in their businesses, processes, and systems.

The chemicals industry is complex. In addition to base, consumer, specialty, and fine chemicals businesses, it is part of the automotive, electronics, and other industries’ supply chains. Both the business dynamics of these downstream industries, and environmental regulations such as Registration, Authorization and Evaluation of Chemicals (REACH), bring continued opportunities.

Anton & Chia, LLP has worked with chemical industry leaders ranging from global enterprises—with significant asset investments—to specialty producers in specific regions of the world. We have assisted our clients in finding ways to:

  • Manage profit margins
  • Deal with mergers, acquisitions, and disposals
  • Integrate sustainability and the environment in day-to-day operations
  • Optimize the supply chain
  • Build foundations for the future through innovation
  • Penetrate emerging markets to stay competitive
  • Attract and retain talent

Anton & Chia, LLP understands the chemicals industry - and the challenges companies face. The professionals in our Chemicals practice serve companies that represent the full range of commodity, specialty/performance, and fine chemical products, and are intimately familiar with the unique complexities of each of these segments. Our deep industry experience helps our teams understand our clients' business priorities, as well as the strategic issues facing the 

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